FPV Exchange Mission: Support FPV community and vendors


Everything we do at FPV Exchange is to support the FPV community by promoting pilots, vendors and members and creators within the community.

In the era of Amazon, Facebook and big tech, we believe that current e-commerce systems have fundamentally broken our communities. Pilots want to have a way to sell unused gear to other local pilots, purchase from FPV shops and local stores and benefit everyone in the community, rather than continue to overpay for expedited shipping, lose money on rapidly evolving technology and preserve our countrysides and airspace that is being invaded by Amazon distribution networks.
We believe that it is wrong that it is far easier to buy an item new from anywhere in the world, than it is to sell an unused item.
We are reinventing e-commerce by developing a system to promote pilots, vendors and members of the FPV community rather than continuing to support Amazon, Facebook and other corporations that have invaded every aspect of our lives.
• FPV Exchange guarantees transactions between verified members of the FPV community.
• Pilots can connect to other pilots locally, regionally and globally to exchange gear and ideas.
• Support vendors and content creators with an infrastructure to allow pilots to buy and sell gear in a reliable and trusted way.
• Includes inventory from over 200 FPV/RC vendors worldwide, tracks availability and converts every price into your preferred currency for easy comparison.
• Buyers have a single site and often a single page that allows them to compare prices for any product sold worldwide in any condition and narrow their search with multiple filters.
• Sellers can list gear directly next to vendors and are instantly boosted by exposure to pages that often receive thousands of views each week worldwide.
• Sellers can easily import their purchases automatically within seconds from dozens of vendors worldwide.
• Custom-build Apple IOS and Android FPV Exchange mobile apps with built-in notifications. Entire site from the ground up is designed to function in the field with the same features and abilities as the desktop app.
• Your data should remain private unless you wish to disclose it. Your location, transactions and communications are 100% private and not sold to others.
We built a system that allows pilots in a region or at an event to unite their personal inventories to essentially create a virtual warehouse of gear for other pilots. Essentially creating an ad hoc FPV shop in the middle of a field or a city by providing a way to catalog the thousands of dollars of gear that other people would be willing to sell.
We believe that the innovative and amazing members of the FPV Community, that have literally built the hardware, software and reinvented the concept of powered flight, have the ability to reinvent how we think about shopping for FPV gear.
Would you like to join us in supporting the FPV Community?

Vendors supported

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