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FPV Exchange
Peer-to-peer marketplace for FPV/RC gear with user ratings & inventory management system. LOGIN TO FPV EXCHANGE Buy & sell your gear with confidence

It's Friday night and you need a new VTX tomorrow for an event. Good luck finding a store! But chances are that someone you know has one. It's pretty darn likely that SOMEONE nearby has what you need and willing to earn a few dollars from their personal stash of FPV gear. Most of us fly pretty similar gear and are always willing to help out a fellow pilot anyway.

Search for anything that you need if you'd like to - worldwide. Buying a used item should be as easy as buying a new item. Buying from someone across the world is as easy as buying from your local store that you'd love to support whenever possible. Maybe you'll find a store that you didn't even know was there.

Drop in at our forums to chat with other users, share your flight videos or help a fellow pilot out with an issue that is grounding them. Remember when you had a problem that you couldn't solve and hours trying to get an answer? Maybe there is someone who can help you, too. Helping others benefits not only the community, but it also helps to boost your reputation as a trusted resource. Why can't a social platform do the same?

Use tags to quickly identify and search across the site for information regarding any product, such as Crossfire. Ask a question, post a tutorial or review, get technical specs, configuration parameters and wiring diagrams. Quickly sort through thousands of posts based upon whatever you are attempting to accomplish.

Transmitter broke on a planned FPV trip? Desperate need of a last minute part before a race? There's a good chance that someone nearby would sell you theirs since they are also eyeing up the latest tech and wanting to upgrade. But maybe you have time and can get a broken dirt cheap from someone who was going to trash it otherwise. We don't always have to buy things brand new.

Chat with the other user privately but instantaneously without discussing phone numbers or email addresses unless you want to. Maybe pickup something else that you really need and they'd be willing to sell it, too. Choose to pay directly within the app. Or Paypal. Or just cash and a handshake at the next meetup or some random stranger at a race who has what you desperately need. No restrictions.

Make a post, search for an item on whatever device you have handy. WIth a site designed to work the same whatever you're able to use in the field or choose to use at home.

Manage your inventory of hundreds of parts that you've been saving up for on a rainy day. You choose what to allow others to see and you choose how much you'd be willing to sell your item for. Or not. It's completely up to you.

Include as whatever personal information to allow others to trust your transaction. Or not. YOU choose exactly what to display. Not some corporate overload tracking your every position worldwide. If you'd like to remain nameless under your pilot handle rather than your personal name, that's completely up to you. We trust you.

The forums quickly allow you to skim through answers to the solution that you need. Save time and help others while simultaneously helping to demonstrate that you provide honest and correct feedback and assistance, also improving your own reputation in the meantime. Save time and get the answer as soon as possible so you can enjoy your day instead to slogging through endless forums, posts and review videos.

If you need a part tomorrow and willing to pay for it, so bit it. You can probably find someone who has something that you can incorporate into your quad. But if you're willing to wait a bit, ship via the slow boat, you can see who has it at the price point that you can afford.

Like you, I also value my privacy above almost all else. But just because I want to be private, doesn't mean that I don't have the same goals as anyone else. I also want to buy and sell used parts and chat online. Know that you can list your items and continue to remain anonymous.

Working on a new build? Search your inventory and see what you have already from your existing parts. Maybe plan your build if you're stuck away from home. Do you like to build drones? Sell your own drones in a drone-etsy like store. Or just sell a pile of mismatched motors so you can clean your bench. A section for private notes allows you to keep your betaflight configuration dumps right next to your build notes and your public description.

Have to clean your bench and make space and funds for your next build? Sell it at whatever price you need and have a private indicator to keep track of your most prized gear. How about that new pair of goggles that you got that are completely out of stock and you'd never part with? You choose if you want to sell it. But maybe there is a desperate pilot out there, just like you, who just wants to get out and fly and can't because they can't get what they need fast enough. Would you be willing to help them out?

Why sell on Facebook alone when you have no idea who you are buying and selling from? FPV Exchange users are anonymous and allows you to keep your inventory private, but can verify your identity within the system to keep scammers out. Integrating ratings allows for scammers to be cut out the marketplace, either by you personally, someone else or you just noticing something fishy. Want to share your items on Facebook Marketplace? Awesome...we give you the tools to do so. Hate people lowballing you on other marketplaces? Look no further than FPV Exchange!

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