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The basics

Why are you even doing this?

Sometimes, I really wonder.

Quite honestly, I feel that it's a system or model that should have existed decades ago. So I'm going to do what I can to develop it.

I pieced together a mission statement here.

What's the status of the site? Is it live yet?

YES it's "live", but I haven't done too much of an announcement. At this point, as more and more users come to the site and final aspects of the marketplace are in place, it will become more and more "live". For instance, the site doesn't incorporate details and specifics for the offers system or incorporate payments. Yes, the data is all real as well as the users that appear. In the meantime, this gives us more time to wrap up major issues and resolve major hurdles that we can only experience as more and more users come to the site.

Is there a charge for it?

No, not at this time. At some point, someday I hope to break even with development.

Regardless, I'm just trying to see if there is any interest and gather feedback about the site and see if it's even commercially viable. If so, I'm going to see what and how this will even occur to prevent any disruption to either users or vendors. I just have to determine exactly how that will occur. You're free to support the development on Patreon if you'd like.

When I search, I see that only 1 vendor or person has this....that is crazy! Everyone has it! What's going on?

The short answer is yes, that happens. For now. I'm developing an improved process, but you can see how complex the problem is.

Why is this product tagged with all of these crazy tags that don't make sense, but this other one doesn't have any other tags that are appropriate?

Yep. Totally aware of that. It's a labor-intensive process that can be error prone and not a great way unless doing it manually...which is almost completely unfeasible. If you see one particular bad, please give me a heads up so I can fix it!

Why doesn't ___ work?

Please let me know. There are lots of things that don't work nearly as expected and require tweaks. Some aspects of the site will always require maintenance. The only reason why some of those aren't done is to give our team a chance to loadout with the core features. Even though we have a large team, the project obviously has hundreds of thousands of moving pieces.

Hit me up on discord, social media, email or whatever and I'll try to incorporate those aspects as soon as possible.

Will you support ____ vendor?

Sure, I probably can. Let me know and I'll see what I can work out!

How will you keep out scammers from the site?

Anyway possible, but always ethically and responsibly.


How can I get my products featured on the site?

Let me know and I will do everything possible to get them posted. It doesn't take long to do it - the hardest part is getting items to appear exactly how you wish.

My overall goal is to always allow for users to find your products and direct them to your site. I have absolutely no interest in preventing that from happening, but every interest and intention of getting them there as seamlessly as possible. Unfortunately in the current model, it's relatively difficult. As a result, our communities have been taken over by warehouses and replacing businesses that have been established for decades.

Can I get my items removed from the site?

Absolutely - I can remove them very quickly. Just give me the word!

My prices are not current - can I update them?

Absolutely - we have a number of automated tools and methods to do so. Contact me and I will gladly see what I can do to keep this as current as possible.