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Thin margins threaten your business every day

It's a battle between supply & demand and your profitability if demand declines

Excess inventory is a liability

Customers demand the latest technology and features, but technology and preferences rapidly evolve. To compensate, inventory must often be kept as lean as possible. Larger inventories, which ensure the most rapid shipping speed and capturing new growth, risks your ability to be profitable as soon as market demands shift.

Amazon outcompetes with market dominance with acceptable prices & service with the intention to overpower any competitor

Large distribution networks pull potential customers away with acceptable shipping speed, price and convenience. As a result, loyal customers often seek to purchase products from larger distributors and become engrained and loyal to Amazon and larger distributors rather than the original manufacturer. Potential customers become less accessible due to loyalty and reliance on Amazon and distributors for all of their products.

Your business excels in service and convenience

Service excellence ensures repeat customers and loyalty. Unlike large distributors seeking profitability and market dominance, your goal is to establish a long term relationship with your customers. Your business's excellent operations and products ensure long term profitability, yet are shadowed daily by large distributors hundreds of miles away with instant name recognition.

Potential customers surround you, yet are not aware of your products

Customers loyal to large online distributors often won't consider shopping locally as their habits are so engrained. Rather than seeking a local business offering the same product, they rely upon the distributor and are extremely price sensitive. They may even browse and research locally due to your excellent service, but purchase from a distributor simply because it's slightly cheaper.

FPV Exchange allows you to identify and target your customers directly on a global scale

Easily integrate your products and services into a global distribution platform and process online payments with robust and secure system with minimal investment.

Global marketplace that integrates your brand and inventory while ensuring that you retain complete control and customer analysis. You control the appearance of your products and services and have the ability to analyze traffic and trends and funnel customers to you directly.

How can you compete against large multinational distributors?

FPV Exchange

Identify and target your customers directly on a global scale and ensure their long-term loyalty to your business

Amazon customers are loyal to Amazon, not your business

Customers will become loyal to your business and products, rather than a multinational distribution network

Quick and simple to set up a store that can be customized. No need to develop expensive authentication, payment, messaging and account profiles. It can be as simple as a image, price and location where the product is located and have advanced Google Analytics to track your customers. Or as robust as integrated payment processing with a Shopify account that you setup separate from FPV Exchange as your business grows.

You compete with other vendors with similar offerings, rather than directly with a large multinational distributor

Your products are part of a larger network and easier for your customers to migrate to your business than a small isolated website with limited offerings.

Merchants own their brand

You own your customers and can market directly to them, like Shopify. Your customers are owned by you and you can target their preferences with your marketing directly. Specify your Google Analytics tag and each time your product is viewed by a user, you will see the appropriate pageviews and statistics. That will allow you to determine your target audience and referrals for your existing marketing funnels. It could inform you to determine potential new locations to expand into that seem untapped by competitors.

Solution to entering or expanding your existing market

Are you a new or small shop looking to break into the market? Or maybe a new project and attempting to broaden your existing market to a new vendor or region? All you need is a few loyal customers in the region that you are targetting. They can purchase your product and then resell your products locally within the desired region. You can offer your local customers a discount, mention them on social media or support their efforts. FPV Exchange can allow dedicated fans to purchase your product and continue to be a supporter of your gear and maybe have a chance to earn a small profit from reselling to friends and new customers in the market that you're trying to enter.
As more and more vendors hear about your product and local pilots demand your product, the more likely they will be establish a product relationship with you. Small inventories by a few select dedicated fans keeps both your risk and your dedicated fans risk low since inventory can be lean while shipping costs and transport times are decreased. Whenever a local vendor is established or if you migrate to a more commercial vendor (eg, shopify page), then the site can continue to direct them through your typical sales funnel and marketing that you have spent so much time establishing.
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