FPV Exchange

FPV Exchange
Peer-to-peer marketplace for FPV/RC gear with user ratings & inventory management system. Buy & sell your gear with confidence BROWSE

FPV doesn't have to be an expensive hobby

Pilots are constantly entering and exiting the hobby, leaving an abundance of used components available at high discounts.

New pilots don't recognize quality components and don't know other pilots nearby, often spending much more than necessary or waiting days for replacement parts to arrive. Their gear is often underpowered and poor quality.

Existing pilots often spend large amounts of money to keep flying and gear current. Spare gear rapidly depreciates in value with rapid evolutions within the industry. "Bench cleanup" sales clear space to attempt to recapture any residual value.

Pilots unable to afford gear then leave the hobby, selling all or portions of their entire collection at significant loses.

Regional FPV stores can not compete in today's economy

Most areas don't have a local FPV/RC shop. Replacement parts require a tradeoff between high shipping costs or an expensive inventory, which is liable to become obsolete quickly due to rapid evolutions within the industry. Everyone attempts to stock up on replacement parts to keep flying, but that leads to a large investment of spare parts or a significant amount of downtime as existing gear is unflyable until components arrive.

Some large cities have a local FPV/RC shop, but they operate on razor thin margins and often keep inventory to a minimum to ensure profitability. Larger suppliers even setup box subscription orders to clean out excess stock due to inherent inefficiencies in their supply chain. In the US, 2-3 day free shipping paired with minimum orders, cheap foreign imports and other pressures have pushed smaller shops out of the market. Even large cities, such as Philadelphia, one of the largest cities in the US, has the same problem.

What if there was a way to change that?

FPV Exchange

Peer-to-peer marketplace for new & used gear with built-in rating system & inventory management system

Integrated buyer/seller rating system

Rating for each buyer and seller to ensure flawless a transaction each time. Irresponsibility has repercussions, unlike existing systems.




Inventory management

Records what you purchased as well as from where and when. Re-ordering is simplified by tracking your orders from multiple vendors and ensures that you have enough critical components immediately available.

Allow others to buy from you

Your gear quickly becomes obsolete by next-generation tech, even if you’re still using it. Someone is likely looking to buy the same or a similar item and is often willing to pay a reasonable amount for it and perhaps even more than what it’s worth if it’s a critical component. Your inventory can retain value instead of an expense and you can negotiate the best terms for each item.

Local or worldwide purchases

Distributors are often hundreds or thousands of miles away from you, but everyone else is often using similar gear. Why purchase every item from large suppliers with high shipping costs when the item is available locally? Travel worldwide knowing that you can potentially locate replacement gear from a local pilot.

Inventory Management

Record all of your gear as you buy it, allowing you to keep track of when and where you purchased each item. Simplified reordering and inventory management ensures that critical components are always available. Think of Rotorbuilds meeting up with Craigslist, Ebay and Facebook and goin' at it.

Should shipping companies profit from each of your purchases?

Currently, each purchase is penalized with high shipping costs or the pressure to buy more items than necessary to avoid shipping delays or expense. Distribution networks grow with each dollar that you spend, eroding each local business that is competing on narrow margins.

Items fly thousands of miles all over the world when local pilots are often willing to sell the same or similar item potentially cheaper or faster.

Meetup with other pilots and trade gear

FPV has an amazing community of pilots all helping each other get up in the air. If an event is coming up or if you’re traveling, a broken transmitter or ESC failure or forgotten part means that you can’t fly and replacements are not available in time. Local pilots are likely contemplating their next gear upgrade and often willing to sell older gear. Perhaps you may discover a new local pilot or location.

Everyone wins.


Community forums to post your videos and pictures. Ask for help from users that you can trust. Stay in the loop of new developments and maybe chat with others for a quick gear upgrade.



Data regarding purchases and your inventory is not shared with Facebook. It does not reside on Facebook Marketplace, etc. It has more privacy built-in than posts and comments than already exists and is limited to the FPV community, unlike anywhere else.

Facebook is only used for login management (storing users and password recovery) as well as providing for a method for you to post your gear and receive comments.

Similar simplified logins will be available for Google, Twitter, etc.


Tools to help automatically keep your inventory current and allow others to bid on the items that you have. Adjust your willingness to sell each item so others may contact you with an offer to buy it.


Each user has a rating to ensure flawless transactions. Why buy from a large distributor when someone you can trust is selling it cheaper or it arrives faster?


Geolocation with a variable radius ensures that your privacy is maintained. Local pilots’ inventories can be reviewed to see if they have what you need.


Purchase the item directly from the distributor if necessary. Coordinate your orders from other suppliers to reduce ordering errors. Rapidly reference technical specs for your favorite items.

New & backordered items are also available. Not just old gear.

The FPV Exchange inventories all items, even items recently released. You can opt to sell recently released or backordered item, potentially allowing others to buy the item for more than what you paid for. You can negotiate how much you’re willing to sell and item for based upon your unique situation.


Step 1

Your purchases are recorded manually or automatically and logged within a central database of your personal inventory, recording details of the original purchase and a link to the original product where you purchased it.

Step 2

Other pilots in the same city, region, country or across the world can see if other pilots have the item that they need and are willing to sell it at a price that works best for you.

Step 3

Other pilots will contact you if there is a suitable match based upon your willingness to sell an item. If you are highly willing or if someone is very interested and willing to pay enough, you can respond to an offer to buy the item.

Step 4

If the offer is reasonable and if the rating for the buyer is suitable and appears to be dependable, you may be willing to sell or trade your item. Perhaps other items could be purchased as well. You workout whatever terms are most suitable to you both.

Step 5

You mail, meetup or trade the item with the buyer in whatever method works best for you both. Rate the sale to help others with their purchase and to improve your own rating.
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